Saint Paul Lodge Number Three conducts its Masonic labors under the jurisdiction of the Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of Ancient Free and Accepted Masons of Minnesota (A.F. & A.M.).  Lodge meetings are held at The Historic Triune Temple in Saint Paul, Minnesota.  We seek to create a classical and traditional Masonic atmosphere by which the tenets of Freemasonry may become imprinted upon its members. 

“Tradition is like a living presence which leaves its imprint but is not reducible to that imprint. What it transmits might appear as words written upon parchment but it may also be truths engraved upon the souls of men, and as subtle as the breath or even the glance of the eye through which certain teachings are transmitted.”

             -From Knowledge and the Sacred by Seyyed Hossein Nasr

Traditional Freemasonry is a spiritual discipline where symbols and rituals are used to impart upon the seeker an experience of initiation, that is, a revelatory experience of significant self understanding.  Since everything that occurs within the lodge is undertaken within this context, our Stated and Special Communications are conducted in a solemn and contemplative manner.  Success is viewed as effectively imparting the traditional teachings hidden within Masonic symbols and the spiritual unification of the brethren in such a pursuit. 

Saint Paul Lodge Number Three seeks to engage its members with meaningful human fellowship, stimulating discourse, and enriching programs.  There is a formal dress code for our meetings, not from a sense of exclusivity, but from a profound awareness of the seriousness of the labors upon which we are engaged.  Our meetings are filled with Masonic ritual, lectures, classical music, and silence.  We are blessed with the availability of a magnificent Bösendorfer piano, a pipe organ, and several superb musicians.  Stated and Special Communications are thus a contemplative experience.

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