The decision to seek membership in a Masonic Lodge is an important and serious event. There is a common misconception that one must be asked to join; however, the opposite is true - one must petition for initiation of one's own free will. A Mason should never ask anyone to join, and the impetus must come from the candidate seeking admission.

The first step is to contact the Lodge, who will arrange an initial meeting. The candidate is then usually given a petition for membership. The petition should be completed and returned along with the fee for degrees, which for Saint Paul Lodge Number Three is a one-time payment of $367.50. After submitting the petition, the candidate must go through an interview process, where he will meet with several other members of the Lodge. This process usually takes several months. Once the interview process is complete, the petition is voted on by the members of the Lodge. Finally, if elected to receive the degrees of Masonry, the candidate will be contacted to schedule a date for their initiation.

If you are already a Mason and you are interested in affiliating with our Lodge, we ask that you first attend five special or stated communications prior to submitting a petition for affiliation. This is to ensure that you are familiar with our Lodge as well as having an opportunity to get to know our members.

The annual membership dues for Saint Paul Lodge Number Three are $229.

If you would like to join our Lodge or get more information on membership, please complete the form below. You will be contacted as soon as possible.

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