The Order of Freemasonry is initiatic and sublime.  It was designed to bring good men together to help them heed the lessons of tradition and inspire them to labor toward mastery of self and the brotherhood of men. 

The order brings together those who would have stood apart.  Freemasons by tradition come together seeking virtue and none will stand elect but those of proven worth.

Assemblies in our temple reflect the harmony between the earthly and celestial.  The Lodge is for reflection and the dinner for repose.  Each man, each stone, is balanced and refined in preparation for the temple. 

Our solemn rituals and symbols guard traditions of the distant past.  Initiates submit themselves to learning and prove themselves before advancing in the craft.  Whenever possible, degrees are conducted for one candidate at a time.  To reach the grade of Master is an ancient challenge, and he whose heart is pure and spirit loyal will be rewarded with the secret which cannot be spoken.  To hold a title is an honor, and service in a station must be well deserved.  The Master must be wise, unbound, and lead with vision of the heart.

The order’s worth and value to mankind is measured by the mystic chain which binds our brothers, forged in waters of humility and fires of love. 

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