Triune Temple is one of the few historic Masonic temples still remaining in the Twin Cities area.  It is one of the earliest and best preserved buildings erected exclusively for the use of a single Masonic Lodge.  The structure was built for Triune Lodge No. 190, AF & AM, by Henry C. Struchen (1871-1947), a member of Triune Lodge and a prominent builder in the city.  Henry Struchen, although not an architect, was a contractor and designer. 


Opening ceremonies for the building were held Thursday, March 2, 1911.  Triune Temple was recognized for its historic and architectural significance by being placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1980.  


Stylistically the temple is a good example of the Neo-Classical Revival of the opening decades of the twentieth century.  The exterior is virtually unchanged while the interior retains its classic integrity and remains substantially intact.  The front facade features four Doric columns, pedimented windows and a decorative cornice, while the lodge room itself is adorned with stately pillars representing the five classical orders of architecture.  The front of the building gives a hint of the grandeur inside. The interior cherry and maple woodwork and many of the original furnishings remain.  The building is notable because it incorporates elements of Masonic ritual into its architectural design. 

The picture above shows the exterior of the building as it appears today.  The 1910 watercolor rendering shown below is unusual because such “image studies” (drawing prepared by an architect’s office to ‘sell’ his design to a prospective client) rarely survive.  Such drawings are often conceptual and do not depict the building as it is eventually built.


Triune Temple is located at the corner of Iglehart and Howell in the Merriam Park neighborhood of Saint Paul.

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